We are committed to creating a culture that values and champions diversity, and is simple, personal and fair for all.


We aim to create equality of opportunity regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, socio-economic background and disability.

This is a commitment that starts at the very top of our organisation and flows through it.

We are not afraid to challenge ourselves or established ways of thinking and to set ambitious targets to drive positive change.


We are also realistic about the challenges we face and the historical composition of construction that we are seeking to change.

We are committed to overcoming this through understanding the root cause of issues, finding solutions that are both practical and beneficial to employees, and by being transparent. Through these actions we will improve diversity across the whole organisation, better representing the communities we serve.

The gender pay gap takes into account all roles at all levels of the organisation, rather than comparing pay received by women and men performing the same roles.

We regularly review and analyse our employee pay to ensure men and women are treated equally when performing the same role. We are therefore confident that we do not have equal pay issues.

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