Subcontractor Registration form & contract

    1. Subcontractor Personal Details

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    Email Address


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    National Insurance Number


    2. Construction Industry

    Unique Tax Reference

    Trading Name (if applicable)


    Years Experience

    3. Bank Details

    Bank or building society name

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    Sort Code

    Branch Location

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    4. Payment Notification

    We will provide you with an electronic payment advice and send you a text message (SMS) informing you of the amount we have sent to your bank.

    Self-Employment Status Assessment

    SDC Test

    Sandbeck CIS Ltd pays contractors without the deduction of PAYE and NIC, on a self-employed basis.
    We have already been through this questionnaire with you on the phone in order to determine that you are not under Supervision, Direction or Control of anyone else (whether Sandbeck, an agency, end client or any other third party) in order to make sure we can register you. The answers included below should reflect the answers you gave during the conversation.
    Please carefully re-review the questions to ensure the responses noted are still correct and sign at the bottom to confirm this. In the case of a discrepancy please contact us.
    If any of the answers to these questions change during your engagement please contact Sandbeck immediately.

    Do you view yourself as self-employed?

    Are you responsible for providing tools of the trade to carry out your work?

    Can anyone move you to a different site without your agreement?

    Do you have to accept future assignments from the agency or client?

    Are you receiving training from anyone you are currently providing a service to except for health and safety training?

    Is anyone else able to change your role without your agreement?

    Does anyone else instruct you on the manner in which your work is completed (ie how you go about doing your work)?

    8. Apart from A, B or C, will anyone be supervising you in your work?
    A. Occasional checks on the quality of the work that you have done
    B. Occasional checks that you are on schedule
    C. Checks that you are working in a safe manner

    You have agreed to provide services as a skilled tradesman in order to help Sandbeck's clients to complete their projects.
    Your Self - Employed status assumes the following criteria, you should inform us if you do not meet these criteria;


    1. Are registered self-employed with HMRC under the Construction industry scheme(CIS)
    2. Complete a Self Assessment Tax return
    3. Decide how to carry out your own work
    4. Provide the necessary tools & equipment to carry out the work
    5. Engage helpers/will use a substitute if you are unable to carry out the work
    6. Have your own insurance
    7. Are responsible for the management of your services
    8. Are free to vary how you carry out your work ie you can decide in which order and where to carry out the necessary tasks.
    9. Will not accept instructions as to how to carry out your work
    10. Are free to leave site part way through a day without permission (other than for health and safety reasons)

    Additionally, you have a skillset and level of experience for which there is high demand. As such, you may be asked to undertake tasks at alternative locations or on different projects at short notice in order to assist clients in completing other projects on time and to budget. Such tasks will always be within your skillset.

    Finally, you are reminded to pay due care and attention to the site health and safety and security measures and other operational requirements.

    I confirm that I have received the 'Self Employed Status Assessment' and that the information therein is correct.

    I confirm the answers provided for the SDC test are true and correct.

    5. Declaration

    I agree to follow the Health & Safety guidance given in the terms (a full copy of the guide is available from Sandbeck CIS Limited upon request).
    I agree to submit a weekly VAT invoice only if I am VAT registered, otherwise I am not required to do so.
    I agree to inform Sandbeck CIS Limited immediately I change any personal details such as bank details or address or contact numbers.
    I will provided the required documentation & Photo ID.

    I accept the Sandbeck CIS Ltd Privacy Policy

    Contact Us

    If you would like to contact us, you can use the below form and we will respond as soon as possible.